How to Deal With Being Overweight

Many people are unable to deal with obesity even when it is very clear that the condition puts their health and lives at risk. Obesity is a phenomenon where an individual has a Body Mass Index of 30kg per square meter or more. It has been shown to cause a number of life-threatening complications such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Many people have traditionally used routine exercises, dietary changes and other lifestyle adjustment techniques in trying to deal with obesity with minimal success. However, the lap band has made it possible for many people to be able to tackle obesity without going through the pressure associated with exercises and dieting.

The lap band or Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Binding (LAGB) is a surgical procedure that allows for the implantation of a lap band around the stomach in order to control the amount of food intake into the stomach and out of the stomach into the intestines. Usually, obese people tend to eat more than the average person and it goes down to the functioning of the brain. The lap band is made of silicon and it is shaped like a doughnut. It can either be tightened or loosened by either adding saline or removing it from a port implanted below the skin. By doing so, the stomach is adjusted accordingly and when appropriate, signals are sent to the brain from the stomach to indicate satisfaction once the recommended amount of food has been consumed.

That makes it very easy to keep food consumption in check and tackle obesity. Research has shown that being overweight can cost one in the upwards of $1500 per year in additional health-related costs per person, meaning that obesity does not only put your health at risk, but it is also significantly expensive. It is therefore cheaper to have a lap band implanted in you to help you deal with obesity quickly. However, there are certain conditions that must be met in order for one to be allowed to go for surgery and have a lap band implanted.

Most of those conditions are health-related and in addition to that, a person must be above 18 years and be able to demonstrate that they can be able to put up with the requirements of having a lap band.

Some of the health reasons that might render a candidate inappropriate include gastro-intestinal complications such as extreme ulcers, having liver problems and complications with the pancreas. In addition, those who have some form of drug addition such as heavy drinkers and smokers are ineligible. Visit to learn more on the lap band.